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Our building toys aren’t just fun or educational, they’re both!

Thank you for visiting HyPars. We’re a Colorado based, family owned and operated company that makes and sells geometric building toys. The toys are hyperbolic paraboloid shaped (HyPars is far less intimidating to say), and they are made right here in the USA, Colorado to be specific. The building system consists of two shapes, the HyPar and the round, slotted connector. With just those two shapes, you can make anything you see on the site or anything your imagination can conjure. We’ve seen so many amazing things!

Please have a look around our website. If you want to learn more about how Denny Newland (inventor, Dad/Grandpa, semi-retired nuclear engineer), created the toy, or more about the intricacies of the math that went into the toy, visit the About page. To view all of our free, downloadable instructions, visit the Instruction section. Interested in art and a new sculpting medium? We’ve got you covered on the Art page and we’re always looking for more submissions. Like what you see and want to check out our shop? Get to it!

Longmont, CO based company
Made in the USA
STEM Aligned Geometric
Building Toys
Great for kids ages 6+ and adults of all ages
HyPar Art


Try a new medium. HyPars are
the perfect way to curve your ideas.
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HyPar Kid Playing


Sometimes you just want to play. Check out our ideas and share your own in our
Play section.

HyPar Bird


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Featured HyPars Toys
Rainbow Inventory Builder
HyPars Rainbow Inventory Builder

This is our very popular, rainbow edition, inventory builder! It comes in small, medium and large.

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Geometric Giraffe Kit
HyPars Geometric Giraffe Kit

As the tallest of the HyPar animals This lady helps the shorter ones reach high shelves.

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Dodeca Spiky Base Kit
HyPars Dodeca Spiky Base Kit

The Dodeca Spiky is one of our favorite sculptures! It makes a great base for creating HyPar animals or larger, geometric sculptures.

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  • Science does not know its debt to imagination
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson