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Fun Building Kits for Beginners

Shop our collection of construction toy sets for kids. HyPars beginner kits are the perfect building blocks for your young student's box of toys.

  • Flower & Blooms Kit

    Flower & Blooms Kit


    The HyPar flower collection includes all of the pieces to make two different types of flower. Blooms can be combined together in a bouquet while water lillies can be used to make your own HyPar frog pond!

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  • HyPar Bot Kit

    HyPar Bot Kit


    The perfect helper for all of your robotic needs! Assuming all you need it to do is sit on your desk and look cool...

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  • HyPar Dagger Kit

    HyPar Dagger Kit


    A sword for the little ones out there, a dagger for the big ones!

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  • HyPar Space Plane Kit

    HyPar Space Plane Kit


    Ideal for a quick jaunt around the HyPar solar system, this spaceplane will get you where you're going in style!

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  • HyPar Starship Kit

    HyPar Starship Kit


    The S.S. HyPar is the only way to travel the vast reaches of space. Whether exploring a nearby star system or fighting off intergalactic aliens, this ship is the fastest in the galaxy.

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  • HyPar Sword Kit

    HyPar Sword Kit


    The HyPar Sword is just what you need to slay that pesky HyPar Dragon!

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