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Education Kits

HyPars educational kits are here! After months of researching what to include in the educational kits and speaking with educators on various use-cases the HyPars team has launched the first educational kit version. We are excited to have these educational kits available and can’t wait to gather feedback from traditional and homeschool classrooms across the country! Our educational kits have been designed specifically with HyPars and connectors to complete any of our free supplemental curriculum resources along with providing storage and assembly components to make implementation as easy as possible (hassle free).

We are continuously looking for ways to ‘curve our education’ and launching our educational kits will help us move one step closer to reaching that goal (achieve our mission of increasing access to our product). As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or any of our social media channels.

Come out and see us at STEAM Fest 2018 March 3rd and 4th, if you are in the Boulder, CO area!!

STEAM Fest 2016


I feel like it’s almost too late for a post STEAM Fest review, but I’m going to do it anyway!  First of all, though, Happy Mother’s Day! 

The weather for STEAM Fest 2016 was cold and rainy (sometimes snowy), but that was ok!  Fortunately we were inside and the turnout was still really good.  Thank you so much to the Maker Bolder crew and all of the volunteers for running the show.  We appreciate you all so much! We have to give some love to Russell and Eric Miller for helping both days and agreeing to stick with us through our upcoming shows.  You guys are angels! Also, thank you to everyone that came out to play.  We had a blast, as always, and once again we saw some new and exciting things done with HyPars.

One of which was the top.  The basic flower shape made by filling all of the openings on a connector with HyPars facing the same direction has always been one of my favorites, it’s beautiful and elegant and if you spin it, works as a top.  On the very first day of STEAM Fest this year, someone put connectors on the top and bottom of the top opening.  This made it spin extremely well! (Pardon the blurry picture.)

As always, if something gets left on the table the people that come up next will likely build the same thing, or something similar, so we saw a lot of different tops over the weekend.  A few of us had some ideas with color as well.  I alternated red and blue in the slots so that when you spin it, it looks purple.  We tried a few other color combinations as well and they all worked as expected, until we got to blue and yellow.  One would think blue and yellow would make green when spinning, but it didn’t!  It made white.  Luckily, a very knowledgeable photographer happened to be standing next to me and he said that happened because blue and yellow are complementary colors.  There is definitely some more research to be done there!

These sorts of exercises are what we’re going to be writing in to our math and art lesson plans.  We’re working with a teacher now to write the basic plans over the summer and then we’ll design them in to kits and hopefully have them ready to test out by the end of the year, maybe early next year.

The idea is that these plans will work for groups of two or three students at a time and cover a whole class with pre-written lessons and worksheets that cover the common core standards.  We are so excited to start on this leg of our journey.

We have several more chances in the works for you to come check out Hypars and visit with us if you’re in Colorado.

June 17th – 19th Denver Comic Con

July 8th – 9th Rhythm on the River - Longmont

August 26th – 28th Fort Collins Comic Con

Have a great end of school year (if you're in to that sort of thing), enjoy the weather and keep it curvy!!

The Shop is Officially Open

The shop is officially open! I’ve been waiting a long time to post that!

Anything you see in the store is available for purchase. If you’re wondering where to start, I suggest purchasing a kit that interests you and then expand your collection with other kits or inventory builders. All of our instructions are freely available in the instruction section, so once you have enough parts you can build whatever you want. If you’re looking to just free play, you should start with an inventory builder kit and get to building! Don’t forget to send us pictures or post them on the Facebook page. I’ll work on getting our Instagram account going as well.

Some of our favorite kits are the sword / dagger, the giraffe (pictured in this post) and the Spiky.  The Spiky is an inverted dodecahedron, or twelve sided figure.  We use it in other sculptures as well, such as the Tetra Spiky. 

In other news we have confirmed our booth at the upcoming Maker Boulder STEAM Fest.  If you didn’t go last year, I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s geared toward kids, but I can’t imagine anyone not having fun at this event. 

Lots more to come! 

Hello 2016!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone that found our kits in their stocking, under their tree or just bought a treat for themselves is enjoying them.  I've already seen some cool creations and I'd love to see pictures on our Facebook page! 

Usually I'm all about ending the holidays on January 1st, but this year I find it hard to let go.  We've had such an amazing holiday season and we are so looking forward to 2016 and all of the great things we've got coming up.  March will have us at another STEAM Fest and possibly another TEDx event.  Our shop will be open fully by the end of January (hopefully!) and we're hoping to have a forum and YouTube Channel in the next few months!  So much to do!

 Have a happy and curvy New Year everybody!  Many, many more updates coming soon.

STEAM Fest 2015 Review

How did I manage to be late with the second blog post ever? I blame STEAM Fest. We worked hard to get everything ready in time and it definitely paid off. This is the booth before the show. We would have taken more pictures of the booth packed with people, but we were all too busy!

A maker fair is pretty much a sure win as a building toy company. No way they aren’t going to like it, right? That said, the enthusiasm and interest was overwhelming and so very appreciated. The night before the show Isaac and I were both having those last minute “what if no one likes us?” thoughts. Instead of those nightmares coming true, we spent a couple of days with hundreds of genuinely excited people and it was amazing and humbling.

After spending enough time with a product like this, it’s easy to think we’ve seen pretty much all it can do. Then we get to watch people who have never seen it before build completely new things. Sometimes very obvious things, like a sword. We’re a typical geek family. We play games (board and video) we read and watch sci-fi and fantasy and we attend the Renaissance Festival about every other year. It’s astounding to me that we never thought to build a sword.

This enterprising gentleman made one in about twenty minutes and our heads exploded. On the second day of the show HyPars was basically just a booth for people to come build swords. Everybody was using the first basic design and then improving on it, which really comes down to the whole heart of the maker movement and science in general. It was fantastic to witness and we’re so glad to have been a part of it.

All in all we made some great connections for HyPars, we met some super talented people (adults and kids alike) and we got to see first hand how much curvy goodness and fun we can bring to the world. Thank you Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest Staff, especially Anne and Martha, as well as Maker Boulder for hosting us. Thank you to all of the other vendors (we’re looking at you Boxwood Pinball) for dealing with our obnoxious boomerang swag in your booths. I have to also send out a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to Russell and Eric Miller who worked our booth non-stop for both days. You both made this absolutely possible and we adore you. Next week the blog is going to cover our kits, how to build your inventory and what you can expect when our store opens!