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Hello 2016!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone that found our kits in their stocking, under their tree or just bought a treat for themselves is enjoying them.  I've already seen some cool creations and I'd love to see pictures on our Facebook page! 

Usually I'm all about ending the holidays on January 1st, but this year I find it hard to let go.  We've had such an amazing holiday season and we are so looking forward to 2016 and all of the great things we've got coming up.  March will have us at another STEAM Fest and possibly another TEDx event.  Our shop will be open fully by the end of January (hopefully!) and we're hoping to have a forum and YouTube Channel in the next few months!  So much to do!

 Have a happy and curvy New Year everybody!  Many, many more updates coming soon.

TEDx Arena Circle Review

What an honor to be invited to exhibit at TEDx Arena Circle! We met a lot of great people and we were fortunate to show off our building toys to such a brilliant and enthusiastic crowd. Our booth was just a few feet behind a real TED stage!

 There were some pretty amazing things going on that day including the Go Fast jet pack, a funky maestro, a whip and nae nae’n principal (loved him!) and the greatest performance artist I’ve seen. Seriously, this was an inspirational show. We also got to watch people test ride Blow Fly Hover Boards, which was at the very least entertaining and at most super intimidating. Kudos to all the people that tried those out.

Thank you to Michael Shields and the rest of the TEDx crew for having us out. We really appreciate it and we had a blast. If we saw you at the booth, thanks for playing with us!

Next week’s post is going to be all about the hyperbolic paraboloid and its borderline cult following. Did you know the Pringle (snack chip) is a hyperbolic paraboloid? It totally is, does that make it curvalicious? I like to think so.

TEDx Preview and Updates

We are so excited to have been selected for an exhibit at the TEDx Arena Circle in Loveland, CO! Honestly, we were excited when the TED representative stopped by our booth at STEAM Fest. We were more excited when he came back by later. You can imagine how thrilled we were when he contacted us and told us he wanted us to be at the event. Mostly we’ll be play testing again and have examples of the previous iterations of the design. I’ll write up a review on that for next week. It’s going to be a pretty amazing day.

We have also been asked to attend STEM Week at Aspen Creek K-8 in Broomfield. This event is especially dear to us as we want HyPars to be more than just a building toy. Our dream is to see them used in schools and home school class rooms to teach creativity, problem solving and math skills. This might be a step toward that, but either way, it’s always a blast to see kids with the toys. They come up with the coolest, craziest structures. Our to-do list this week includes weighing kits to enter shipping costs into our online store, building a pvc display stand for our banner and finding a place to build a shipping area in our basement. You’re getting in on the grassroots movement here! It really doesn’t get much better than this. I hope that someday we’ll look back on these days fondly (“Remember when we were shipping out of the basement?”). We’re still looking good for our first round of parts to arrive end of October / early November, but I’ll keep you posted.

Lots more to come. Come see us (and all of the other amazing things) at TEDx Arena Circle!

Keep it curvy!