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We expect to have all parts within the next week, which means the shop will be fully open very soon!! I’ll post in all the social media outlets as soon as we are up and operational!

Until then, I’m going to be blogging tips and tricks for using the site, the kits and the instructions. If you played with the prototype pieces at one of our events, they snapped directly into place, but were difficult to disconnect. Our new design has a really great slide and snap feature. You just slide the edge along the connector until it snaps into place. I love that “click”!

Transcribing three dimensional objects into two dimensional images can be difficult. It becomes even more so when the objects have so many curves (not that we don’t LOVE our curves). When following any of the directions on our website, it’s best to use the HyPars logo printed on the piece to clue you in on which side to fit into the connector. You can find images of these features here.

I’ll be highlighting some of our instruction sets over the next couple of blog posts. Today it’s the ever popular HyPars Dragon! Isn’t he great?! He’s made up of 37 HyPars and 38 Connectors. If you don’t want him to be blue, the small inventory builder would have more than enough pieces to build him in whatever colors you wanted. You can see we’ve made an ice dragon to help us celebrate the winter months.

Stay tuned for updates on the shop and our upcoming appearances. Until then, Curve it Up!