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2017 Updates

 We have a few bits of exciting news. The first one is huge...we're releasing dinosaur kits! I'm excited to introduce to you our Apatosaurus, T-Rex and Stegosaurus! These sets are definitely for more experienced builders, but we know everyone will have fun with them. They are also enough pieces for building lots of other sets using the free instructions in the Instructions portion of our site.

These building toy kits are now available on our Amazon site ...which brings me to the next big news! Our kits are available on Amazon! Amazon is a tricky thing, as I'm sure anyone who has ever tried to sell through them can attest. We would love for you to buy from our website, but if you want to purchase through Amazon, please do! Many of our kits are available with Prime shipping, though our new dino buddies will be shipping from our warehouse here in Colorado, so unfortunately, no Prime.

This summer we’ve been focused on in-house projects, so we won’t be out in the wild with everyone. We’re making strides in the education sector, working with teacher and other educators to bring HyPars and lesson plans into classrooms, home schools and tutoring facilities all over the country. We’ve ventured further in to retail, as well. We can now be found in California, Wyoming and Colorado toy stores. Eventually we’ll start up a “where to buy” option on our website.

If you are a retailer, looking to sell wholesale, use our contact us button and we’ll happily send you our wholesale prices!

More to come soon! Everybody have a safe and fun summer! Keep it curvy!

So Much to be Thankful For

 Our new boxes are here!  We used the ‘waiting on new boxes’ excuse to take a little hiatus and really enjoy our family over the summer before life gets crazy again over the holidays. It was fantastic!

However, our boxes have arrived so it's time to get back in to the real work.  These were designed by our fabulous graphic designer, Leah Heldman.  She does all of our stuff, this website included, and she does it really well. 

We do have some fun things coming up this Fall.  We’ll be playing with HyPars at the Clothes Pony/Dandelion Toys in Boulder for Neighborhood Toy Store Day on November 12th, so come see us if you can.  If you can’t make it there, be sure to stop in at your own neighborhood toy store and visit them.  For us that’s Lost Marbles in Longmont.  Such a great store!

We also launched a YouTube Channel!  We’ve got a couple of event videos and some instructional things up, so feel free to check that out here.  The most recent is how to build a pumpkin, love those fall themes!  Please also subscribe if you get a chance.  I’m planning on branching out in to Pinterest soon, as well, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Happy Fall in the Northern Hemisphere!

Summer Update 2016

 June is almost over already!  I haven’t posted a review of Denver Comic Con 2016 and, if I’m being honest, I feel like 10 days later is just too far past it.  Suffice it to say, it was a complete blast.  We met so many interesting and funny people.  If I talked to you about education and/or lesson plans and gave you my card…email me!  We’ve got some stuff coming up I want to chat with you about!  You can see our con adventures on the Facebook page here. 

I do have to say a quick thank you to Anne Fellini and Pop Culture Classroom for hosting us as well as The Dale Tribe for featuring us on their vlog.  I was only going to watch a couple of their videos on YouTube and I’m totally addicted now.  As always, Russell and Eric Miller entertained and amazed in our booth again.  Eric was our booth wizard!  Isn’t he great?

We’ve still got so much cool stuff coming up this year too!  On July 8th and 9th we’ll be doing play testing and some fun activities in the Illuminate Your Mind booth at the Rhythm on the River Festival in Longmont, CO.  If you’re in the area you should really check out this free festival.  They’ve got great music, great beer and lots of family friendly activities.  We’re not selling at this event, but come play anytime between 5pm and 8pm either night. 

Did you know Fort Collins has its own Comic Con?  It’s getting bigger every year and this year we’re so proud to be part of it!  We can’t wait.  That’s August 27th – 28th in Fort Collins, CO.  You can get tickets here!

We’re on the lookout for some fun maker fair / holiday market events to do later in the year so I’ll keep you posted.  We’re ALSO in talks to get our production moved to Longmont as well.  So not only are we 100% made in the USA, but now we’ll be made in Colorado! 

Have a fun, safe and curvy summer everyone!!  Come see us!

The Shop is Officially Open

The shop is officially open! I’ve been waiting a long time to post that!

Anything you see in the store is available for purchase. If you’re wondering where to start, I suggest purchasing a kit that interests you and then expand your collection with other kits or inventory builders. All of our instructions are freely available in the instruction section, so once you have enough parts you can build whatever you want. If you’re looking to just free play, you should start with an inventory builder kit and get to building! Don’t forget to send us pictures or post them on the Facebook page. I’ll work on getting our Instagram account going as well.

Some of our favorite kits are the sword / dagger, the giraffe (pictured in this post) and the Spiky.  The Spiky is an inverted dodecahedron, or twelve sided figure.  We use it in other sculptures as well, such as the Tetra Spiky. 

In other news we have confirmed our booth at the upcoming Maker Boulder STEAM Fest.  If you didn’t go last year, I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s geared toward kids, but I can’t imagine anyone not having fun at this event. 

Lots more to come! 


We expect to have all parts within the next week, which means the shop will be fully open very soon!! I’ll post in all the social media outlets as soon as we are up and operational!

Until then, I’m going to be blogging tips and tricks for using the site, the kits and the instructions. If you played with the prototype pieces at one of our events, they snapped directly into place, but were difficult to disconnect. Our new design has a really great slide and snap feature. You just slide the edge along the connector until it snaps into place. I love that “click”!

Transcribing three dimensional objects into two dimensional images can be difficult. It becomes even more so when the objects have so many curves (not that we don’t LOVE our curves). When following any of the directions on our website, it’s best to use the HyPars logo printed on the piece to clue you in on which side to fit into the connector. You can find images of these features here.

I’ll be highlighting some of our instruction sets over the next couple of blog posts. Today it’s the ever popular HyPars Dragon! Isn’t he great?! He’s made up of 37 HyPars and 38 Connectors. If you don’t want him to be blue, the small inventory builder would have more than enough pieces to build him in whatever colors you wanted. You can see we’ve made an ice dragon to help us celebrate the winter months.

Stay tuned for updates on the shop and our upcoming appearances. Until then, Curve it Up!

Snowy Days!

Hello from Colorado in the winter! We’re in our coldest time, but we’ve got a lot to look forward to, so that makes it easier to trudge through. Things here at HyPars HQ are moving along nicely. We should have parts (I know, you’ve heard this before) by February 1st, so expect the full store to be online well before Valentine’s Day. You can also expect some lame Valentine’s/Geometry puns on the Facebook page.

Our limited edition kit gave us the opportunity to test out packaging and shipping.  We learned a lot and now we’re redesigning the box.  We’ve decided to increase the fun and decrease the boring brown cardboard.  If you get a kit in the next few months, just pretend that it looks fun and awesome.  Maybe draw some pictures on it with markers or something. 

We still have a lot going on, so check back often.  I’ll update in every way possible when the shop opens.  

Enjoy the winter weather (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) and send us some pictures of hyperbolic paraboloids made out of snow!  If you’re in the middle of summer now, soak up some rays for the rest of us!

2016 is shaping up to be exceptionally curvy! 


TEDx Arena Circle Review

What an honor to be invited to exhibit at TEDx Arena Circle! We met a lot of great people and we were fortunate to show off our building toys to such a brilliant and enthusiastic crowd. Our booth was just a few feet behind a real TED stage!

 There were some pretty amazing things going on that day including the Go Fast jet pack, a funky maestro, a whip and nae nae’n principal (loved him!) and the greatest performance artist I’ve seen. Seriously, this was an inspirational show. We also got to watch people test ride Blow Fly Hover Boards, which was at the very least entertaining and at most super intimidating. Kudos to all the people that tried those out.

Thank you to Michael Shields and the rest of the TEDx crew for having us out. We really appreciate it and we had a blast. If we saw you at the booth, thanks for playing with us!

Next week’s post is going to be all about the hyperbolic paraboloid and its borderline cult following. Did you know the Pringle (snack chip) is a hyperbolic paraboloid? It totally is, does that make it curvalicious? I like to think so.

TEDx Preview and Updates

We are so excited to have been selected for an exhibit at the TEDx Arena Circle in Loveland, CO! Honestly, we were excited when the TED representative stopped by our booth at STEAM Fest. We were more excited when he came back by later. You can imagine how thrilled we were when he contacted us and told us he wanted us to be at the event. Mostly we’ll be play testing again and have examples of the previous iterations of the design. I’ll write up a review on that for next week. It’s going to be a pretty amazing day.

We have also been asked to attend STEM Week at Aspen Creek K-8 in Broomfield. This event is especially dear to us as we want HyPars to be more than just a building toy. Our dream is to see them used in schools and home school class rooms to teach creativity, problem solving and math skills. This might be a step toward that, but either way, it’s always a blast to see kids with the toys. They come up with the coolest, craziest structures. Our to-do list this week includes weighing kits to enter shipping costs into our online store, building a pvc display stand for our banner and finding a place to build a shipping area in our basement. You’re getting in on the grassroots movement here! It really doesn’t get much better than this. I hope that someday we’ll look back on these days fondly (“Remember when we were shipping out of the basement?”). We’re still looking good for our first round of parts to arrive end of October / early November, but I’ll keep you posted.

Lots more to come. Come see us (and all of the other amazing things) at TEDx Arena Circle!

Keep it curvy!