How to Connect the Pieces

One way to attach a HyPar to a connector is to use the slide, catch and snap method (patent pending). Press one of the large open slots of a connector to the side of the HyPar you intend to connect it to, but near the corner. Slide the connector along the edge until you feel it catch in the center and then push to snap it into place. Alternatively, you can snap them directly together, but the first method allows you to make connections without looking!

Removing Connectors
Slide Off
The connectors can be removed in a very similar fashion. Simply pull the connector off, or slide it off along the edge of the HyPar. The “slide it off” method is useful if you want to remove a connector from two HyPars. If you have trouble removing a connector from multiple HyPars, it can help if you first remove the individual HyPars until you have only two connected then “slide it off”.
Right/Left Conundrum

You’ve probably already noticed that the edge you connect can make a huge difference in what you are trying to build. This is because HyPars can be connected in either right or left handed manner. (To learn more about that, read the Right/Left Conundrum.) To help with this, the edges of the HyPar that result in a right handed connection have the lettering “HyPars” near the attachment features. If you want to change a right handed connection to a left handed connection (or vice-versa), just remove the HyPar, rotate it one edge (clockwise or counterclockwise) and reconnect.

Left Right View 1
Left Right View 2
Left Right View 3
Left Right View 4