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  • HyPars Education KitHyPars Education KitHyPars Education KitHyPars Education Kit

    HyPars Education Kit

    Interested in teaching with HyPars? Our education kit is the perfect way to start. It contains all of the pieces you need to use the lesson plans provided on our website. It also contains plenty of pieces to design your own!

    • The HyPars Education Kit is for ages 4 and up.
    • Purchase 20 or more kits to receive a discount of $1 off each kit.
    • Made in the USA; 30 day return/refund policy
    • HyPars are used in school systems and homeschool classrooms to teach English Language Arts, Math, Geometry, Art and even Earth Science.

    Kit Includes:
    • 3 White HyPars and connectors
    • 3 Black HyPas and connectors
    • 3 Violet HyPars and connectors
    • 3 Orange HyPars and connectors
    • 3 Green HyPars and connectors
    • 9 Yellow HyPars and connectors
    • 9 Blue HyPars and connectors
    • 9 Red HyPars and connectors
    • Storage bag in one of three colors
    • $10.00
    Bag Color
    Green Bag Green Bag
    Purple Bag Purple Bag
    Red Bag Red Bag
    Assortment Assortment
    HyPars Education Kit Bags

    HyPars Education Kit Bags

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    HyPars Education Kit Parts

    HyPars Education Kit Parts

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