Mathematics in Art and Sculpture

We consider everything you build to be art. We have instructions posted for a few of our sculptures already and we’ll be adding many more along the way.


Fifteen years ago Denny Newland saw the most fascinating sculpture on display at the Seattle Convention Center. It was Alan Crawford’s work titled Redwood. The piece consists of 12 triangular wooden members arranged so that four sets of three of them extended around centerlines that were the four diagonals of a cube. The HyPar Cell Triangular bar can be used to duplicate this!

Twisted is one of the first sculptures Denny designed after creating HyPars. When it’s all by itself it is reminiscent of a DNA strand or another helix, but once you get him out into nature, he really seems to come to life.


Double Tube Cube is a large sculpture. Each cube consists of twelve 12” tubes. Two of the cubes are connected in the middle by a 19” ¾ Bloom Hexagonal Column. It contains 1492 HyPars and Connectors. In spite of that, it’s very sturdy. It survived being shipped from Washington state even though the box was crushed on one side when it arrived!


The Bloom Bouquet sculpture is easy, though time consuming to put together. It consists of over 20 blooms of different colors. The colors of blooms could easily be changed to suit the seasons or holidays as well!