Meet the HyPar Family

HyPars founder and creator, Denny Newland, is a semi-retired Nuclear Engineer and active inventor. In the early 2000s Denny was on a mission to invent a better 2x4. Yes, like the lumber. Did you know 2x4s are neither straight nor 2x4? In the pursuit of the perfect board he began using space filling tetrahedrons and, as so often happens, this led to an “aha moment” and HyPars came into being! (For more about the “aha moment” check out our Education Page.)

After 9 design iterations and a long patent process (patent #8,869,464, we’re so proud!) the current version of HyPars has been deemed worthy by Denny of sharing with the world. Denny’s youngest son and daughter-in-law, Isaac and Mitzi, are on the team and working to bring HyPars to every child, student, artist and educator looking for a fun medium to create great things.

About the Product

  • The Mathematical Underpinnings

    HyPars can be enjoyed on a very basic level and we encourage everyone to play with them however they have the most fun. There are some fairly complex mathematical concepts involved, though, so for those interested, these are the mathematical underpinning of our toys. Learn More

  • The Right / Left Conundrum

    We’re sure you’ve noticed that a HyPar can be connected in two different ways. We call this the right and left handed connections. This can make for some very interesting, sometimes frustrating, snags when building. Read more here about why this happens and the mirror images it can create. Learn More

  • Names and our Naming Convention

    Our structure names can be a mouthful! Click here to find more information on how we pick the names and why. You might even get the chance to help come up with some new ones! Learn More