The Right / Left Conundrum

A characteristic of the HyPars™ toys and structures is that mirror image assemblies often occur. This mirror image characteristic is both a curse and a blessing. A curse because it can be easy to add a new HyPar to your creation in a left handed sense rather than the right handed sense that is needed (often if something doesn’t fit or look right it will be because the user has interchanged a left for a right handed connection or vice-versa – so to fix the problem just rotate the connection by one side.) To help with this, the HyPars™ toys have their right handed edges labeled with the lettering “HyPars” and the assembly instructions provided are oriented so the user can clearly tell if a left or a right handed connection is intended.

Mirror image characteristics are a blessing in that even more assembly patterns are possible. The right or left handedness extends to structures you can make and use such as the left and right handed Trefoil, HyPar Cell Triangular Bar, Helices, etc. Instructions are provided to assemble both left and right handed version of these sculptures.

Left Handed Trefoil                                                                                                                          Right Handed Trefoil

Left Handed Trefoil Right Handed Trefoil