New Dinos in the Store!

New KitsIsaac NewlandComment

We have a few bits of exciting news. The first one is huge...we're releasing dinosaur kits! I'm excited to introduce to you our Apatosaurus, T-Rex and Stegosaurus! These sets are definitely for more experienced builders, but we know everyone will have fun with them. They are also enough pieces for building lots of other sets using the free instructions in the Instructions portion of our site.

These building toy kits are now available on our Amazon site ...which brings me to the next big news! Our kits are available on Amazon! Amazon is a tricky thing, as I'm sure anyone who has ever tried to sell through them can attest. We would love for you to buy from our website, but if you want to purchase through Amazon, please do! Many of our kits are available with Prime shipping, though our new dino buddies will be shipping from our warehouse here in Colorado, so unfortunately, no Prime.

This summer we’ve been focused on in-house projects, so we won’t be out in the wild with everyone. We’re making strides in the education sector, working with teacher and other educators to bring HyPars and lesson plans into classrooms, home schools and tutoring facilities all over the country. We’ve ventured further in to retail, as well. We can now be found in California, Wyoming and Colorado toy stores. Eventually we’ll start up a “where to buy” option on our website.

If you are a retailer, looking to sell wholesale, use our contact us button and we’ll happily send you our wholesale prices!

More to come soon! Everybody have a safe and fun summer! Keep it curvy!