Steamfest 2018!

ShowsIsaac Newland

HyPars educational kits are here! After months of researching what to include in the educational kits and speaking with educators on various use-cases the HyPars team has launched the first educational kit version. We are excited to have these educational kits available and can’t wait to gather feedback from traditional and homeschool classrooms across the country! Our educational kits have been designed specifically with HyPars and connectors to complete any of our free supplemental curriculum resources along with providing storage and assembly components to make implementation as easy as possible (hassle free).

We are continuously looking for ways to ‘curve our education’ and launching our educational kits will help us move one step closer to reaching that goal (achieve our mission of increasing access to our product). As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or any of our social media channels.

Come out and see us at STEAM Fest 2018 March 3rd and 4th, if you are in the Boulder, CO area!!